Are you looking to create a website for your business? The first thing you need is a domain and a hosting plan. There are a lot of providers out there who offer these services. Among these, according to my experience with a lot of different hosting providers, I recommend using Hostinger. Here is a quick guide to buy a domain and hosting from Hostinger.

Step 1: Visit Hostinger website

Click here to visit Hostinger website.

Step 2: Choose your currency

Click on the flag icon at the top and choose your currency.

Step 3: Checking the availability of your domain:

Hostinger has a really great offer. They offer a domain for free for the first year if you buy a hosting plan from them. But you have to check the availability of your domain ie. if the domain is available or if it’s already bought by someone else.

To check, navigate to Domain from the navigation bar at top. And check for your domain name.

If your desired domain is avilable, then move to the next step. You don’t need to buy the domain seperately as hostinger will give it for free for the first year after you buy a hosting plan. So, let’s move forward to buying a hosting plan.

Step 4: Choose a hosting plan

Navigate to Hosting > Web Hosting. And then scroll down a little bit to see the available plans.

Hostinger offers various plans to choose from. The best deal is the Grow plan if you have a mid size business or personal website. If you own a heavier website or an ecommerce store, then it’s ideal to go for a Unlimited plan. You can upgrade the plan later as well as per need.

Step 5: Add to cart

Select the plan you like and hit Select. It’ll redirect you to the cart page.

In cart, you can choose the duration of the purchase. Recommend is the default 48 months one as it gives a lot of discount in comparison with other short term plans.

Step 6: Checkout

Scroll down in the cart page and and you’ll see this box.

Add your email address in the email address field under create your account. In the “Have a coupon Code?” box add in the coupon “HIT2021”. After that select a payment method you prefer and pay.

Step 7: All Finished

Once the payment is finished. That’s it. You now have a Hosting. Congratilations! You can claim your free domain for 1 year at the setup screen on the hosting account after the purchase.



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